The National Organization


Feeding America West Michigan is part of a national network of food banks connected by the Feeding America national organization. Although food banks like ours are part of this network, it’s important to know that we are individually operated and funded 501(c)3 nonprofits that largely rely on local support.

For transparency, we do receive some financial support from the national organization, but it’s a small portion of the funding we need to operate and is not the same amount year over year. In 2022, we received $491,000 from the Feeding America national organization in the form of grants, which accounted for 8.9% of total contributions received that year and covered only 6.2% of our operating budget.

Other forms of support we receive from the national organization include:

• Advocacy for national food and nutrition programs
• Agency partnerships support
• Health and nutrition guidance
• Programs training
• Professional development
• Food sourcing and operational support
• Hunger-related research
• Food bank network data

Being part of this national network definitely supports our work, but does not remove the need for local support.

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