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2021 Issue 3

In this issue of Full Plate Press, you’ll learn about how the Empowerment Network — one of our agency partners — assists people facing mental illness on their journey toward self-acceptance and sufficiency. Then, in our 2020 annual report, you’ll see our impact in one of the most challenging years on record. Next, you’ll meet people from across our 40-county service area, including a family and a senior we helped. Lastly, we will introduce you to Karen, a donor, who has supported the fight against hunger for the last 15 years. Continue reading

2021 Issue 2

In this edition of Full Plate Press, you’ll learn how our partners are fighting child hunger in their communities and meet some of the neighbors they serve. You’ll meet Maria, a high school junior who loves volunteering at the Community Food Club in Grand Rapids each week. You’ll read how three community school coordinators are ensuring kids have access to food in their school district. Then, you’ll meet Emily, a mom of five, and learn how she’s making ends meet despite unprecedented challenges due to the pandemic. Next, you’ll get to know Jerry, one of the food bank’s truck drivers who’s driven to fight hunger wherever he goes. Finally, you’ll learn how John and Lynn gave back to the pantry that helped them in their time of need. Continue reading

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2021 Issue 1

In this edition of Full Plate Press, you’ll take a trip to the Upper Peninsula and meet neighbors facing and fighting hunger during the pandemic. Neighbors like Mary Ann, a student who visited her school’s pantry to put food on her family’s table. Neighbors like Annie, who has fought hunger for decades in her small town. And neighbors from diverse faith backgrounds who united to raise funds for hunger relief. Finally, you’ll learn about a program we’re piloting this winter to help seniors access healthy food. Continue reading

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2020 Issue 3

In this edition of Full Plate Press, you’ll learn how the food bank has been fighting hunger during this unprecedented time and meet some of the neighbors we’ve supported. Next, you’ll get to know Susie and learn about her role as development manager. Then, you’ll see our 2019 impact at a glance in our annual report. Finally, you’ll meet two members of the Michigan National Guard and learn how their team helped the food bank distribute a massive amount of food when our neighbors needed it most. Continue reading

2020 Issue 2

In this edition of Full Plate Press, you will read about some programs that fight childhood hunger and learn why they are so critical to vulnerable children’s development. You will also meet a few heroes: parents who stop at nothing to feed their children; librarians who provide meals to any kids in need; and a food banker, Francesca, who readies thousands of pounds of food for distribution every month. Continue reading

2020 Winter Newsletter

In this issue of Full Plate Press, you’ll learn why senior hunger exists and meet some seniors who have benefitted from our services. Next you’ll read about a couple who faced hunger early in their marriage and now run a nonprofit that fights hunger in their community. This issue highlights a revolutionary farm that is helping put fresh lettuce in the hands of those who need it. Lastly, we introduce you to Chuck, one of the food bank’s truck drivers. Continue reading