Building on 40 years of service

Together, we can Nourish Tomorrow

Building on 40 years of service

For more than 40 years, Feeding America West Michigan has taken great strides toward our vision—a community in which all neighbors are nourished and empowered within an equitable food system. Today, we serve 40 of Michigan’s 83 counties in partnership with hundreds of food pantries and meal programs. For the last 10 years, we’ve distributed an average of 21 million meals’ worth of food annually.

However, we have not yet been able to fill every empty plate, and many regions in West Michigan and the Upper Peninsula remain underserved—even with our Comstock Park facility operating at functional capacity for the last few years. In 2020, the pandemic pushed us to work beyond functional capacity—causing inefficiencies and increased food waste and expenses. Our community needs us to heighten our level of service, but this can’t happen in our current Comstock Park facility.

Last year, we acquired a facility in Kentwood that will become our new headquarters and distribution center. Now, we’re calling on friends like you to help us turn this facility into the food bank our community needs. The facility will ultimately enable us to distribute the equivalent of 37.5 million meals per year—a 50% increase from 25 million in 2020. When complete, the project will not only help us nourish neighbors we couldn’t before, but also expand our horizons and change the trajectory of hunger relief across our service area.

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Nourish Tomorrow Advancement Campaign Cabinet

Honorary Chairs
Wayman & Dinah Britt
David & Judy Frey
Hank Meijer
Julie Brinks
Richard Haslinger
Cabinet Members
Steve Abbott
Bill Brennan
Lisa Brennan
Tracy Breihof
Tom Bylenga
Mike DaMore
Dan Distin
Adam Dykstra
Tony Grossa
Kay Hahn
Kathy Holt
Marcus Jackson
Jeff Koeze
Kevin Mahoney
Jay Patel
Ken Schauss
Teresa Stevens
Sharon Van Loon
Kurt Wassink
Susan Wassink

Nourishing children, seniors and all in need across 40 counties

At Feeding America West Michigan, we believe no one should go hungry and that our community has the power to change lives—one meal at a time. With this belief in mind, our food bank’s Nourish Tomorrow campaign will fund more than just the renovation of a new building; it will fund the revitalization of our approach to hunger relief in West Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.

Nourish Tomorrow, a $6 million advancement campaign, will enable us to…

Improve Programming: - Reach more communities through existing programs. - Develop other programs to meet the nutritional needs of vulnerable populations. - Incorporate and promote more nutrition education and wrap-around services.
Expand food rescue: - Using additional space, rescue and reclaim foods we currently can't. - Fill nutritional gaps via our commercial kitchen. - Expand offerings to include options such as nutritious, flash-frozen meals.
Strengthen partnerships: - Provide more training and a wider variety of food to our partner pantries and meal programs. - Build new partnerships across 40 counties to improve equity of service.

You can help! Give today.

To date, we have received over $8 million in support of our Nourish Tomorrow campaign. However, construction costs are significantly higher than anticipated so we have not yet raised enough funds to renovate our new facility and expand our programs as planned. With your help, we can nourish more families throughout our region—today and tomorrow.

You could also support the Nourish Tomorrow campaign through:

  • A Multiple-Year Pledge Commitment (may be paid over a three-year period)
  • A Gift of Appreciated Assets (i.e. stock)
  • An Estate Gift

Please talk to one of our campaign representatives to learn more.

Marty Appleton
Individual Gifts Officer
Susie Dutcher
Corporate Partnerships Manager
Pattijean McCahill
Development and Marketing Director