A Revolution Farms employee smiles while standing near baby lettuce

Largest Lettuce Farm in State Shares Crop with Food Bank

We’re so grateful for Revolution Farms, a Caledonia-based lettuce grower. Some weeks, they produce far more lettuce than they can sell, which means there is some left over to donate to the food bank and other hunger-relief programs in our community! Each year, they aim to donate at least one percent of their product to the charitable food industry. So far, they’ve donated almost 2,000 pounds of lettuce to Feeding America West Michigan in 2022. Continue reading

man standing in warehouse

Value-Added Foods Provides Staple Foods for Neighbors in Need

For more than a decade, Value-Added Foods has helped Feeding America West Michigan get a variety of shelf-stable foods onto the plates of neighbors in need, quickly and affordably. While much of the food we distribute comes from donors—like retail stores, manufacturers, farmers and community food drives—30 percent of what we distribute is purchased to fill nutritional gaps. Continue reading