Providing Fresh Food to All Neighbors in Need

Volunteer holding a box of food at a Mobile Pantry

Volunteer holding a box of food at a Mobile Pantry

Multiple times a day, thousands of pounds of food are loaded onto our trucks and sent out to change the lives of hundreds of neighbors experiencing hunger.

Food bank staff work together daily to keep our Mobile Food Pantry program running. They load up the trucks with a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, protein and baked goods, and then one of our drivers heads out to distribute the food with the help of our Mobile Pantry partners.

“Our truck drivers are the backbone of our food distribution. They play a vital role in bringing food directly to neighbors who need it the most.”

– Ryan, the food bank’s logistics manager who oversees our truck drivers

Once the truck arrives at a site, volunteers work together to unload all of the food and prepare it to be loaded into the cars of those in need. Each Mobile Food Pantry is run differently, but all are made possible through the dedicated volunteers that show up to provide food to those who need it.

“Food security is a passion of mine, and this was a great opportunity for me to get involved and make a difference in my community.”

– Cassie, a dedicated Mobile Food Pantry volunteer

When someone arrives at a Mobile Food Pantry in order to receive food, they will often find themselves in a long line of parked cars ready for their trunks to be filled with groceries. As the distribution begins, cars pull forward and will have boxes of food placed inside by volunteers.

“This is our first time coming to a Mobile Food Pantry. We just moved here and with the prices being so expensive right now, getting food staples that our kids can eat will be so helpful.”

– Hardworking parents of two kids

Every single person who comes through that line has a different story to tell as to how the food they receive will help them make it through another day. It could be someone’s first time coming due to an unexpected living expense, or it could be a senior whose limited income doesn’t quite give them enough room to make ends meet every month.

“The food is so helpful because it helps me make ends meet. I’ve been without it before, so now I come whenever I get the chance.”

– Diane, a senior who enjoys the meat and vegetables provided by Mobile Pantries

Mobile Food Pantries exist as an effective avenue of delivering fresh, nutritious food directly into communities in need. On average in 2023, the products on our Mobile Pantries consisted of over 60% fresh produce, 16% dairy and 6% protein.

Fresh, perishable foods are important in everyone’s diet, but they are not always the easiest to access. That is why Mobile Pantries prioritize fresh food items with shorter shelf lives and work to increase access to essential, nutritious food.