Working Together to End Hunger this Volunteer Appreciation Month

Donna smiles while waving at the camera as she packs food into boxes

This April we are celebrating volunteer appreciation month! As a nonprofit organization, Feeding America West Michigan could not do what we do without countless volunteers helping us live out our mission in a multitude of ways.

We want to thank everyone who dedicates their time to helping us end hunger. Whether it be sorting food in our reclamation department, helping neighbors get what they need at a food pantry, running a Mobile Food Pantry or volunteering time in a different capacity—everything is much appreciated!

Volunteers from our all over our service area took some time to share with us why they serve, and we hope you are encouraged by their responses below!

Jasmine and West smile while standing in the food pantry

Jasmine and West volunteer at the food pantry for The Other Way Ministries. They play an integral part in ensuring neighbors who come into the pantry seeking food assistance are served however they may need.

West said, “In the past, I wound up needing some help with food. I don’t have food benefits or anything like that, so these pantries were huge. I came in here and I was so welcomed. After finding out about the program and what they do, I decided I wanted to volunteer here.”

Jasmine said, “I love this place. I’m here every day. I just want people to get everything they need, and I don’t want anyone to feel shame in coming to get help. It’s more than just a pantry here, we care in every type of way.”

Donna smiles while waving at the camera as she packs food into boxes

Donna has been serving at numerous Mobile Food Pantries in the Upper Peninsula for over a year now. She started just helping out with one, but after hearing about other opportunities nearby she decided to help at two other locations as well!

“I love to help out and I saw online that they needed help with these food pantries and I thought that sounded like fun! I’m loving it! It helps me stay busy. It’s been fantastic helping out all these people.”

Jean smiles while holding up bread as she volunteers in reclamation

Jean has been serving in our reclamation department since February 2020. She has shown up for over 300 hours to help provide meals to neighbors facing hunger!

“When I retired, I needed something to do. I had volunteered here before through my work and I enjoyed it! I like giving back to the community and I think it’s a good cause. My favorite part of volunteering here is all of the people; I like the group that I volunteer with!”

Written by Content Specialist Kelly Reitsma