34. Raycheen Sims


After serving at a church for 14 years, Raycheen Sims wanted a part-time job that would allow her to change lives, so she took an administrative assistant position at Family Network of Wyoming. Just a few weeks later, a full-time position opened up and she couldn’t turn it down! Soon after, she became the organization’s director, a position she’s held for five years.

Through their food pantry and by helping with Mobile Pantries, Raycheen and her team ensure many families in the Wyoming area can access the food they need.

“It’s always been part of me to see how I can help people,” she said. “That’s what I love about this position — I’m always impacting a life or changing a life. I always leave fulfilled, like I’ve done something great.”

Raycheen rarely sits in her office and takes every opportunity to offer face-to-face words of encouragement and advice to the neighbors who visit Family Network’s food pantry. Recently, she spoke with a woman who was very emotional after losing her job. Raycheen told her:

“Everyone has journeys in their life that they walk through that are not always easy. Even if you don’t know it, everyone needs help. This is temporary in your life. There’s nothing wrong with going to a pantry.”

Raycheen has a big heart for service, but is quick to shine the light on the amazing volunteers who make their mission possible — “They serve like they’re getting a check and a bonus. Their hearts are so big here. It’s such a blessing,” she said.

Raycheen believes hearing neighbors’ stories is essential.

“When we take the time to hear their stories, we can hear why they keep coming to receive food,” she said. “My favorite part of the job is when we open the pantry and people come and we stand and talk with them. Some have become like family to some of the volunteers.”

Community leaders like Raycheen are making hunger-relief efforts possible across the food bank’s 40-county service area. Their passion helps the food bank fill millions of plates each year!

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