20. Rod Kennedy

Rod Kennedy

Rod smiles while standing inside his store. He's wearing an apron and lots of fresh food is behind him.Last year, Rod Kennedy, store director at Grand Rapids’ Fresh Thyme Market, started a roundup at the register for the food bank — ultimately raising enough funds for us to provide 80,000 meals’ worth of food to our neighbors in need!

Rod has bounced around across the country managing different stores, where he always makes it a priority to give back to his local community. This passion is partially inspired by his own upbringing — “I had the experience of growing up in a large family,” he said. “When there was a season that we needed extra support, that support came through a food pantry.”

During the roundup, shoppers could also purchase pre-built bags full of food that were donated to the food bank as well.

“There’s something powerful that takes place when a community comes together to support one another,” Rod said. “We’ve all been blessed with a gift, a talent that we can share to enrich another’s life. I would encourage anyone to reach out to Feeding America West Michigan and see how you can get involved and make a difference in your community.”

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