How we’re safely bringing back volunteers

Frank with sign

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our main volunteer force has been the Michigan National Guard. Now that their mission has ended, we have restarted our volunteer program. To ensure the safety of all participants, staff and the neighbors we serve, we are:

  • Limiting volunteers to 10 or less per shift
  • Requiring volunteers schedule their shifts in advance, to fill out a questionnaire and have their temperature checked before the start of each shift
  • Scattering breaks and providing individualized snacks
  • Providing key chain hand sanitizers to everyone, along with extra masks and gloves
  • Ensuring social distance is maintained by clearly marking 6 feet distances
  • Wiping down doors and surfaces constantly with bleach wipes
  • Surveying the volunteer area continuously to ensure proper PPE use and cleaning protocols

We’re thrilled to welcome back our volunteers after such a long time apart. We look forward to serving alongside our volunteers once again as we work to end hunger in our service area.

Note: Volunteer groups and Saturday shifts are still suspended. We are only allowing our regular volunteers to return at this time.