Painter Raises $6,800 for Hunger Relief During Art Sale

Painter Chris Stoffel Overvoorde raised $6,821 for Feeding America West Michigan during a three-day art sale at his Grand Rapids home last week. Overvoorde, a noted landscape painter, sold a total of 41 works from March 30 to April 1.

Overvoorde reports that he sold 15 oil paintings, 12 drawings, 8 watercolors and 6 prints over the three days. The proceeds will provide approximately 27,200 meals to people in need in West Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.

The donation will be split between Feeding America West Michigan’s general fund and the account of Grace Christian Reformed Church, which operates a food pantry in partnership with Feeding America West Michigan.

Retired from the art department at Calvin College and now in his 80s, Overvoorde remains a prolific painter. He draws much of his inspiration from the landscapes of West Michigan and Alberta, Canada. In 2004, he was the subject of a retrospective at the Grand Rapids Art Museum.

For those who missed the sale, Overvoorde’s work can be purchased from Eyekons Gallery.