Food Bank invites community to kick hunger at Million Meal March 10K hike

September 17, 2014 — Comstock Park, Michigan — Feeding America West Michigan Food Bank is inviting the public to raise money and kick hunger on Sept. 27, at the Million Meal March, a 10K hike on the White Pine Trail.


Now in its third year, the Million Meal March was created with a single goal: to raise $238,000 and distribute 1 million meals to people in need in West Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. To date, the 10K and related events have raised more than $200,000. Organizers are asking for strong support from the community this year in order to meet that million-meal goal.

“Hunger is an issue right here in our community, and I believe the answer has to come from this community as well,” said Ken Estelle, CEO of Feeding America West Michigan.

“The March is an opportunity for ordinary people to get involved in making a real difference in the lives of their neighbors in need.”

Every dollar donated to the Food Bank through the Million Meal March is used to provide four meals to people living on the edge of hunger in West Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. A report released last month estimates that 492,000 people receive food from the organization each year, including approximately 119,400 children and 58,200 seniors.

“The truth is that for a large portion of our society, the economic recovery is still just a political talking point. We’ve got thousands of people looking for work and thousands more working two, sometimes three part-time jobs to get by,” Estelle said.

Participants are encouraged to raise $100, the equivalent of 400 meals) for Feeding America West Michigan, although the event is free to attend. The first 500 hikers will receive a free t-shirt, and The Corner Bar, Country Fresh and Cyril Catering will provide lunch at the Food Bank following the event. A shuttle is available at the halfway point for those who prefer to hike a 5K distance.

To register or donate, visit