Feeding America West Michigan celebrates the life and work of John Arnold (1950-2012)

It’s hard to walk through the Feeding America West Michigan Food Bank without seeing John’s impact in every area. John was the inspiration and driving force behind developing a food bank that would do more to help the hungry in our community than most could have imagined.

Today, as a direct result of John’s vision and energy, Feeding America West Michigan reaches over 100,000 households in 40 counties. His model of rescuing good food and having those who need it select what they want has become the standard around the country and in many other countries around the world. His vision of mobile food trucks providing produce and other perishable goods directly into communities has also been duplicated in over 100 food banks around the country.

It is difficult to know just how many people have benefited from John’s work, but we at the food bank are both honored and humbled to carry on John’s legacy of ensuring that no one in our community goes hungry.

Below is a video commemorating John from Vicki Escarra, the President and CEO of Feeding America, the national association of food banks. If you would like to leave a message about John and the impact he had on your life, please visit www.johnmemorial.com.