The aspiring film student

Volunteers greet clients at the American Legion Post 102 in Rockford, Michigan.

A young woman with streaks of purple in her hair was watching the veterans set up a Mobile Food Pantry at the American Legion post in Rockford. Others had come from Boy Scout troops and the local Masonic lodge to volunteer. Asked if she was there to help too, the young woman told a different story.

Maggie, a senior at a local high school, had come to collect food with her mom. She had been to food pantries before, but this was her first time at a Mobile Pantry. Fruit juice, yogurt, watercress, green beans, French bread — the truck was packed with fresh, minimally processed foods. These foods fill in the gaps left by traditional food pantries.

Maggie talked about her interest in visual art and performance. She’d been involved with theater, but movies were her passion. “A visual representation on film sticks there longer than words,” she said. “Other people can see what you want them to see.”

After graduation, Maggie plans to attend film school. “I’m just so excited about it. I want to skip senior year and go straight there, but they won’t let me,” she said, grinning.

By supporting Feeding America West Michigan and its Mobile Pantries, you’re helping students like Maggie reach their goals. She has a dream and the determination to realize it. Thank you for not letting hunger stand in her way.