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Hunger threatens 1 in 7 people in West Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. But people in our community, from volunteers to donors to local farmers and retailers, are taking action to solve this problem, and Feeding America West Michigan Food Bank is at the heart of their efforts. Catch up on all the latest Food Bank news in the newest issue of the Full Plate Press.

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Client conquers chronic illness through diet

Michele Childs struggled with her weight for years. Michele had made a pact with a friend to get healthy together, and when she passed away, Michele felt more motivated than ever. The Nutritional Options for Wellness program at Streams of Hope, one of Feeding America West Michigan’s agency partners, gave her the food, coaching, and encouragement to fulfill her promise.

To learn more about Nutritional Options for Wellness, visit accessofwestmichigan.org.

Luncheon will unite donors, volunteers, and clients in effort to solve hunger

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Feeding America West Michigan Food Bank invites you to attend the Many Hands Against Hunger fundraising luncheon on June 9. This event will bring together the stories of donors, volunteers, and clients who have all been a part of the effort to solve hunger in West Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.

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New report shows hunger on the rise in West Michigan, Upper Peninsula

Released April 14, Feeding America's Map the Meal Gap report concluded that 49 million Americans struggled with hunger in 2013, including one in seven people in West Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.

The annual Map the Meal Gap report was released on April 14, and it shows that rates of food insecurity rose in West Michigan and the Upper Peninsula for the first time in five years. According to the study, 14 percent of the population in the region were at risk of hunger in 2013.

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Portion of Benton Harbor Fruit Market donated to Food Bank

A Food Bank truck delivers food at Feeding America West Michigan's Comstock Park headquarters.

A big slice of the Benton Harbor Fruit Market is now dedicated to hunger relief. The family of Eau Claire farmer and produce broker Jeffery Marc Mattner donated its buildings and fixtures located at the Benton Harbor Fruit Market to Feeding America West Michigan Food Bank. The property includes offices, 20 market stalls and a combined 4,800 square feet of industrial cooler space.

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