Full Plate Press: Fall 2014 Newsletter and 2013 Annual Report

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Catch up on all the latest Food Bank news in the fall 2014 issue of the Full Plate Press. The issue also includes Feeding America West Michigan’s 2013 Annual Report.

Fall 2014 Newsletter and 2013 Annual Report

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United Church Outreach Ministry: Fighting Hunger and Improving a Neighborhood

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One of nearly 1,200 partner agencies we work with, United Church Outreach Ministry wants to do more than simply distribute food. They want to improve their clients’ lives and their neighborhood. Read on.

The Joy of a Full Cupboard

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Learn how Feeding America West Michigan works with Grand Rapids Housing Commission to provide food to low-income seniors. Read on.

A National Company with a Local Mission

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Hundreds of farmers, retailers, and manufacturers donate the food that feeds West Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. Kellogg’s is one of them, and they’ve really stepped up their game. Read on.

What You Learn Spending a Summer at the Food Bank

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Interns Tim Spurlin and Dan Knister spent the summer hauling boxes and pulling pallet jacks at the Food Bank. What did they learn from the experience? Quite a lot. Read on.

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