Fresh Start

Everyone Deserves a Fresh Start

The Fresh Start Initiative has ambitious goals to nourish, empower and enable our neighbors to thrive. We are working to meet those goals by sharing fresh foods, recipes and tools, and community-wide resources. Learn more and get involved today!

The Three Pillars of Fresh Start

Nourish - Fresh Food Sourcing and Delivery

Young children at a mobile food pantry distribution This pillar’s objective is to provide our neighbors with the best quality food possible by intentionally sourcing nutrient-rich, fresh foods. Doing so ensures our neighbors always have access to healthy options, even in the dead of winter. This nutritious food is distributed farmers market style through our Mobile Food Pantry program.

Empower - Education Sessions and Activities

The second pillar’s objective is to empower our neighbors to take control of their health and wellbeing by providing education sessions that cover a variety of subjects at select Mobile Food Pantries. Currently, we are focusing on cooking demonstrations and nutrition education. In the future, we would like to explore sessions focusing on other relevant topics like food preservation and budgeting. We also provide activities for children that encourage them to eat well and explore food in a fun way.

Enable - Tools and Resources

Educational pamphlet on a bucket of produce The third pillar’s objective is to enable our neighbors to form healthy eating habits by providing tools and resources for success. These can take the form of cooking supplies, recipe cards, tip sheets and more.