Host a Mobile Food Pantry

Any 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in our service area can host Mobile Food Pantries. Each distribution takes about two hours and hosts will be responsible for handling and delivery fees ranging from $495 to $1,500 to provide 5,000 pounds to 15,000 pounds — a 3- to 4-day supply of food for 100 to 300 families. See the breakdown here.

You’ll need to complete our application questionnaire and then request and fill out a Partner Agency Application. For the distributions themselves, you’ll need to arrange to use a parking lot (setup described in our Mobile Pantry Policies and Procedures Document), which you can probably “borrow” for an afternoon from a church, school, or office park. You’ll also need 8 to 12 folding banquet tables and 12 to 20 volunteers to help unload food, answer questions, direct traffic, and clean up the site afterwards.

To find out when you can observe a Mobile Pantry hosted by another organization, contact Ryan VanMaldegen at 616.389.6360.

Four years on, Mobile Pantry’s impact on Rockford is clear

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Clyde Sinclair, coordinator of the monthly Mobile Food Pantry at the American Legion Merritt Lamb Post in Rockford, reflects on how Feeding America West Michigan’s program has helped families in his community.

I want to take a moment to thank those of you who take time every month to help with our food pantry. Without your help, we could not assist the numbers of people that we do.

In October we conducted our 48th Mobile Pantry. It hardly seems like it was four years ago that we began what has become an awesome community service project, something the members of the Post can be very proud of. Since the beginning, we have distributed more than 365,000 pounds of food to more than 1,100 families in our neighborhoods.*

That’s what you call having an impact upon your community.

I’ve noticed over the past four years that our clientele has changed. Through the first two to three years, we had a mix of young and old, those who had lost their jobs and those who couldn’t make it on a fixed income. During the past year or so as many have returned to work, I’ve seen our clientele settle down to become more of the elderly, who continue to have a difficult time making ends meet on a fixed income. With higher energy costs, higher gasoline prices, and higher costs across the board, many of them are keeping their homes warm by eating much less or even only once per day.

I’d like to impress upon you that we are doing an awesome job, and a very important job. Earlier this week, just two days before Thanksgiving, we distributed 8,100 pounds of food, including potatoes, milk, bread, lettuce, pineapples, yogurt, and cookies to people who needed help. I’ll bet most of our guests thought of The American Legion during their Thanksgiving meal.

Thank you so very much for your support, we are doing a really good thing here.

*The average Mobile Food Pantry can provide more than 8 meals per dollar.

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