Raise Your Forks! to Fight Hunger


Join EatGR, FoodCircles, and Feeding America West Michigan as we stick a fork in hunger this holiday. Dine out at participating local restaurants during the Raise Your Forks! campaign to support our mission to provide food to every kid at risk of hunger in our community.

Some of West Michigan’s best restaurants are taking part. Visit FoodCircles online to view participating restaurants. You can also download the free app for iPhone or Android.

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What’s a Fork?

An obvious answer, right? It’s that pointy food-delivery machine you use every day, whether you’re microwaving macaroni and cheese at home or eating out at a fancy restaurant. And nowhere is a good set of forks more important than at Feeding America West Michigan Food Bank, where a single forklift can move almost 3 million pounds of food per year into our warehouse and out to hungry kids in our community.

Right now, Feeding America West Michigan needs a new forklift. A generous donor has stepped up to cover half the cost, but here’s the kicker: We need you to help us raise the other half before the end of the year. That’s $7,500 in the next six weeks.

We believe your hunger is more than equal to the task. Throughout these six weeks, we’ll be rolling out brand-new restaurants and meal deals to support the campaign. So raise your forks and join us in fighting hunger this holiday.

Forklift Facts:

EatGR's Chris Freeman discovers the importance of a working forklift.
EatGR’s Chris Freeman discovers the importance of a working forklift.

A Food Bank forklift moves an average of 7,800 pounds of food per day, 237,000 pounds per month, and 2.84 million pounds per year.

Every dollar donated toward a new forklift will move 190 pounds of food in the next year.

The average forklift can carry 5,000 lbs at one time. The average Food Banker shouldn’t carry more than 50 lbs at one time.

Over its lifetime, a Food Bank forklift can move nearly 20 million pounds of food.