Does your company have surplus food?

If so, you can save the cost of disposal, get great tax breaks and help your community by donating the food to us.

By donating your surplus food, your company can make a huge dent on hunger–at no virtually no cost to you. That’s because when you discard food, you usually have to pay to haul it away. (delete paragraph break) But if you call us, we can pick up edible goods and use them quickly to help feed families in 40 West Michigan counties–and you’ll qualify for tax benefits!

Typically, we’ll mail you a signed receipt within 48 hours. You’ll be protected from liability by both Michigan and U.S. Good Samaritan Laws. You’ll also be eligible for a generous tax deduction of cost plus up to 50% of your normal profit, as provided by Section 170(e) (3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

Any edible food you might be discarding can probably be put to good use, serving (at last count) 1,300 local hunger relief agencies and more than 100,000 West Michigan families. (delete paragraph break) And you’ll be reducing the waste you send to landfills. So not only will you be helping your company and your community, but the environment, too.

If you have questions, or would like to arrange a pick-up, e-mail Katie Auwers or Ron Groen. Or call them at (616) 432-6961 or 432-6963, respectively.

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