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neighbors endure food insecurity in our service area

Food insecurity exists in the gap between the government’s poverty level — a measure of absolute deprivation based on a few food staples — and the bare minimum of living expenses; like rent, utilities, medical care and taxes. People survive only by making hard choices between life’s most essential necessities.

72% choose between food or utilities
72% choose between food or transportation

The personal and community consequences of weakened health and poor mental health due to inadequate nutrition are far reaching.

For those struggling with hunger, poor health spirals into lifelong obstacles that perpetuate the cycle of food insecurity and dependence. Nutrition intervention at every stage can alleviate personal and societal burdens caused by inadequate nutrition.

Breaks the cycle caused by inadequate nutrition. We deliver fresh provisions and instruction in cooking nutritious meals directly to the highest need areas of West Michigan and the Upper Peninsula

Provide access to fresh nutritious provisions

Deliver Michigan-sourced produce, protein, and healthy food to the highest-need areas in our 40 counties.

Build awareness and preparation skills

Provide food nutrition education, recipe cards, product demonstrations, and cooking supplies.

Support fresh food operations

Build the outreach capabilities, facilities and personnel to implement and maintain the program.

We will not stand by

while one in six children in our service area is at risk for going hungry and to suffer life-long ills from poor nutrition.

Numbers like these are eye-opening. But for every sum there’s a real child, a family or an elderly person in need. These are your neighbors in West Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. Their hunger is as desperately real as their aspirations to self sufficiency. Won’t you help break the spiral of health decline due to hunger and poor nutrition by supporting this bold community initiative?

It’s been said that heroes are ordinary people with a capacity and willingness to help.

It’s time. Your neighbors need sustenance, education and you.

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