Outreach Plan

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Outreach Plans: Points to ponder:

Many of our Food Bank partners rely on 2-1-1 and word of mouth as the primary was for people to find out about their services. Both of these methods are usually when people have reached the end of their resources. What if we could help people proactively instead of reactivity?  The questions below are just a sample of situations where an outreach plan may help before the situation gets desperate.

  1. Grand kids are now living with grand parents but their fixed income has not changed
  2. Someone in need moves into town.
  3. A large business has closed and people are unexpectedly out of work.
  4. Housing and rent have increased and now many more are homeless.
  5. Working mom needs additional food assistance

Relying on your reputation is no longer enough. People move and family dynamics change more frequently. How do we let those in need that we’re here to help?

An outreach plan will help people learn about your programs. Not only will this help our neighbors in need but you just might see an increase your volunteer pool and possibly in your donations.

Have you considered putting fliers up at the area senior center or thrift store? Perhaps putting a blurb in the school newsletter would help new families or households with additional strains. Does your community have a Facebook page or other social media presence? Perhaps posting your days and operating hours would be seen by that person who really needs your services but wasn’t aware.

Consider partnering with other agencies that provide similar or complementary services. Is there a pantry in the area open on different days or hours? Where is the nearest clinic? How can people find help? Did you know our website has a feature called “Find Food” that lists the mobile food distribution schedule and also allows people to search for pantries by entering a zip code?

Below are two resources you may find of help.