Raising funds can be difficult!

Individuals, organizations and corporations want to know their money will be well spent. To that end, we have assembled some tools to help create accurate fundraising and promotional materials. While this information was designed for agencies hosting mobile distributions, it can easily be adapted for fixed-site agencies as well.  Check out our Fundraising Toolkit. This kit contains templates, print ready photos and logos and infographics to help tell your story. If you want to use other promotional materials, please let us know how we can help!

Agency Donations

Please let your donors know they can support your program directly through their donation to Feeding America West Michigan. Simply ask the donor to include your agency name and number with the donation. Your agency can also receive donations through our agency donation webpage,

A word about donor privacy – 

Feeding America West Michigan can acknowledge an agency has received a donation but we cannot provide any donor information unless the donor has given specific permission to do so at the time of the donation. When agencies ask for donor information, please explain Feeding America West Michigan respects the donor’s right to privacy as required by law.

Please review the Donor Bill of Rights.