Food Safety

For questions regarding food safety, please refer to these food safety training packets or reach out to your agency representative.


If you want to learn more about safe food storage and handling, here are a variety of online references:

Fight Bac! is a food safety initiative that educates consumers about the four simple practices — clean, separate, cook and chill — that can help reduce their risk of foodborne illness.

“The Food Keeper” (3rd edition PDF, printable) provides guidelines – not hard and fast rules – on how long food can be stored safely. This resource was developed for the Fight Bac! campaign by the Food Marketing Institute, which now has an interactive version (4th edition, searchable by keyword) on their website. The PDF linked above is hosted by the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County. has both static information on food safety and timely blog entries on seasonally relevant topics.

Some food recalls cause people to feel uneasy about eating any of the products in question even though most of the supply is perfectly fine.  Here are materials on:


Food Safety Training Video