September is Hunger Action Month

Feeding America West Michigan asks the public to take action against hunger

COMSTOCK PARK, Mich., Sept. 1, 2019 — Hunger Action Month is an annual call to action campaign that is designed to raise awareness of hunger’s pervasiveness and to inspire the public to do something about it. Feeding America’s network of 200 food banks – located all across the country – participate each year.

More than 284,000 people including nearly 80,000 children face hunger in West Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. Due to various circumstances, these neighbors are forced to make tradeoffs between food and other basic necessities. Feeding America West Michigan asks those in its 40-county service area to take action against hunger this September in any way they can.

This year’s campaign seeks 40,000 actions from the public nationally. These actions could take the form of a donation, volunteer shift, food drive, fundraiser, social media post, and even a share or retweet. Every action counts!

This September marks the twelfth year that food banks and hunger relief organizations across the nation have joined forces to illuminate the prevalence of hunger throughout its 50 states. Hunger Action Month aims to unite people from all regions and walks of life to reach a common goal – to end hunger in America.

According to Map the Meal Gap, an annual study conducted by the Feeding America National Organization, food insecurity exists in every county and congressional district nationwide. Counties located in rural areas are home to the highest rates of food insecurity due to various factors directly related to locality. Of the 40 counties Feeding America West Michigan serves, 33 are rural and 27 of them face food insecurity at higher rates than their metropolitan counterparts.

The Hunger Action Month 2019 campaign title “End Hunger One Helping at a Time,” offers an intentional play on the word “helping” to encourage action from the public, whether it is a helping of food or helping by taking action against hunger.

Go to to learn more about the national campaign. To join the conversation on social media, use the hashtag #HungerActionMonth and connect directly with the food bank @FeedingAmericaWestMichigan on Facebook or @FeedingWestMich on Instagram and Twitter.

About Feeding America West Michigan
Serving local families in need since 1981, Feeding America West Michigan reclaims safe surplus food from farmers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers. That food is distributed through a network of 900+ food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters and other hunger-relief agencies in 40 of Michigan’s 83 counties from the Indiana border through the Upper Peninsula. For more information, visit or call 616-784-3250.