Why give?

Here are just a few reasons.

  1. You can help feed your neighbors. In West Michigan and the Upper Peninsula, 1 in 7 faces food insecurity. Food you give here in West Michigan stays in West Michigan.
  2. It actually pays to give food away. If your company has more than 250 pounds of excess, salvageable grocery products to give, we’ll come pick it up free of charge. You can save the costs of disposal and get great tax breaks. Plus you enjoy liability protection.
  3. Feeding people feeds our economy. Think about it. Hunger makes children and adults tired, sick and less productive. So children fail in school. Adults can’t do their jobs well. Productivity suffers. Health care and welfare costs soar—all for the lack of a little good food.
  4. Waste is so five-minutes-ago. Nowadays, we can pick up and distribute surplus food so quickly and safely, there’s really no reason to let good food go bad. Plus when you feed families, you starve landfills–a very green thing to do.
  5. Feel the love. Food donors say that supporting the Food Bank is great for their image in the communities they serve. Click here to see a list of our most generous food donors. As you can see, you’ll be in very good company.
  6. There’s no downside. Your food donations are handled, stored and delivered by experts, according to the highest U.S.D.A., state and industry standards. And you’re protected from liability under the state and federal “Good Samaritan” laws.
  7. Tax deductions. We will provide receipts you can use to deduct the cost of your donation plus up to half of your normal mark-up. Learn More

If you have questions, or would like to arrange a pick-up, e-mail Katie Auwers or Ron Groen. Or call them at (616) 432-6961 or (616) 432-6963, respectively.

To donate fresh produce by the truckload, email Mark Christianson, or call him at 616-432-6966.